Main Street | OTR

This approximately $17 million project incorporated three of Urban Sites’ core philosophies in the creation of sustainable neighborhoods: develop in historically strong neighborhoods, create critical mass, and purposefully balance the uses on the street so that they support one another and create sustainable urban environments.

Urban Sites was a pioneer in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and understood the need for Main Street (one of the main thoroughfares in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood) to have not only residences but also to have large office users in order to help drive business for daytime eateries and local retail shops. Conversely those office spaces and retail shops/eateries create a symbiotic relationship and a reason for people to want to live there.

Almost all of the properties were gut-rehabs (re-developments) beating projected construction budgets, construction timelines, and leasing expectations. You can find photos and more information on select properties here: 1134-42 Main, 1203 Main, 1207 Main, 1208 Main.

The investors in this project are all related parties, underlying owners of “Urban Sites” and key members of the Urban Sites operating team.

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